Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Suggested serving

Making my rounds of errands in the Dallas area Monday, I stopped at Indian restaurant Pasand for lunch on Beltline Road across from Irving Mall. Their buffet had samosas which one rarely sees on a buffet (yum!) and my usual favorites, namely upma and vegetable pakoras. They had a superb vegetable Masala and there's a dish they have called Chicken 65. Dunno what's in it, but it's a fairly hot dish, and will make your mouth zing with a bit of heat for the rest of the meal, but it's not an over-powering, miserable-making heat. I think it sort of adds another dimension to the flavors of the meal.

The part I really look forward to, though, is the gulab jamun at the end of the meal with a nice cup of chai tea. I love skimming the layer of spices and cream that form on the top of the tea. The gulab jamun (yes, they are served in pairs like this) is like a sweet hushpuppy in a honey-based syrup. All that sweetness is brilliant paired with the strong flavor of the tea.

The traffic is a bear in the whole area, but it's nice to get back occasionally and visit some of the restaurants. For now, though, I'll stick my traffic jams out here which consist of 2 cars ahead of me at a stop sign.

By the way, if you are flying into DFW around lunch time, you can be over to Pasand within about 5 minutes from the airport. If you're working in Dallas in the high-tech corridor up in Richardson/Plano area, the location at Coit/Campbell is very convenient, too. The Coit location has been a favorite of mine for about 15 years. Always a delight to go there. :) And though it's horrible to admit same, I always feel there's something so right about getting curry stains on whatever book I'm currently reading. Right now, it's Moving Pictures by Terry Pratchett.

Good times! :)


Rabbit said...

When the gang puts on a feed at work, we always get a big tray of Chicken 65 and an equal portion of nan. Not sure where they get it; it's probably somebody's cousin's brother's shop that makes it, but it's tasty and I'm not even that wild about Indian food.

Old NFO said...

Dang, I've never even heard of them... Thanks!

BGMiller said...

I loves me some Indian food.
There's a place in the college town an hour west of here the has the most amazing Tandoori chicken. The one thing I truly hate about working "normal" hours now is not being able to gorge myself on their lunch buffet.


Cormac said...

That place is GREAT!
I love their garlic non.

Check out Thai-Riffic in Dallas...the stuffed wings are served like sushi.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I love the name Chicken 65! So romantic!

There is an Indian buffet close to me which serves the most amazing samosas, so flaky that they are almost like pastry. You must come try them.

And when they pour the chai at the table, they lift the tea pot to a height of about 2 feet to make a nice froth on top of the cup.

DirtCrashr said...

My body doesn't do that much sugar so well anymore, but the gulab jamun I had as a kid, and the kuhlfi and jelabies and rossagulla... oh that was good stuff!