Thursday, September 15, 2011

Soundscapes for leaden skies

Whether or not you like art cinema, if you like modern classical and jazz, I cannot recommend Carter Burwell's superb soundtrack to Fur highly enough.

Driving out to New Mexico Wednesday to see my dear friend Lin and {then later to visit Greater Nerdlandia), mercury falling and skies of varying shades of drear, I turned on the Fur soundtrack on my iPhone. Was superb. I drove for hours, mesmerized by the low-hanging clouds dipping to engulf mesas, whilst fragrant sage opened to the moist air, making same redolent of their scent. The sensory overload was nigh intoxicating. This was one of the most beautiful drives of my life.

I kept willing the clouds not to lift, blanching at the thought of blue skies or beams of sunlight. This was poetic, and not gloomy but austere.

Loved it. Loved every moment. Loved every note. This will be in heavy rotation for me this winter. Would be equally suited to a January beach as it is to a cold mountainscape. Great mood/ambient music. I think it was only $6.99 on iTunes, too.

Four thumbs up.

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