Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sexy Librarians?

Damn skippy!

The divine folks at Sublime Stitching have come out with a whole raft of Sexy Librarian embroidery patterns. These patterns are on sale for 50% off now, too. Also, there's Meaty Meats which shows a little love to bacon, which has been woefully neglected in the annals of embroidery. The vital organs one sort of vexes me because I stitched a heart about 8 years ago and never went anywhere with that, but I had grandiose plans for stitching a visceral body of work. Ah well. Pirates!
OH, and weenie dogs! Weenie dog embroidery? What could be more fetching? Well, Chiweenie embroidery, but nobody's perfect.

Yes, it's sublime. Me likey!


Auntie J said...

I have enough trouble following the pattern on my stamped cross-stitch crib cover kits. (I have two in process, one for a friend's baby and one for my new nephew, and a third waiting in the wings for my best friend's baby, due in August. They will all be late.)

breda said...

Sigh...and I totally suck at anything fiber-arts related.