Tuesday, March 01, 2011

meditations on mathy stuff.

more onion peelings of an unquiet mind.

I love my math teacher. He looks like a 60-something David Arquette, and in that way of math teachers, he's zany, but in a very sober and geeky way.

Unfortunately, I keep imagining him in a burlesque show with unkempt tuxedo swilling champers from the bottle whilst getting a lapdance from a midget stripper.

I've always had a hard time focusing in math classes, and this is not helping.


There's an online lab for studies which has an address that includes "mathlab." Mebbe it's the people I hang out with or something, but I never go to the site to do my online homework without thinking of "meth" labs.

Ah, higher learning. *snort*


Old NFO said...

Why am I NOT surprised...LOL

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Online meth lab would be every bit as useful as online math lab, methinks.