Thursday, November 11, 2010
If I'm wrong, I wish someone would splain me, but...
I think the students protesting the student tuition fees in England are a right lot of tosspots. Same goes for the whiners in France protesting the retirement age going from 60 to 62.

What a spoiled, impudent, self-indulgent bunch of wankers. Yup. I said it: they're all assholes.

Guess what? You know that education all those people feel entitled to so they can command a higher salary than the folks who tucked their chins and put their noses to the grindstone after basic education? That costs someone something. No one owes you a melon-farming education, asshats, so suck it up and pay the ever-loving fees, take out student loans, borrow from a kindly relative-- whatever you have to do, but quit frelling whining. Education is something you should have the pride and moral fibre to flipping earn. No one owes you that.

And what about the things you've destroyed in your little shitfit, eh? Could the destructive attitude of trustafarians like yourself be a contributing factor to the rise of education costs, mebbe just a skoshy bit? Jerks.

Then there's the protestors in France-- from the photos, the people all looked really young. Frankly, they looked a lot like the young people in the British student videos-- soft, spoilt and useless as teats on a boar hog.

When you think of contemporary mob scenes, it's never with a warm knowledge that needed social statements were being made. It usually appears that thugs on the periphery are seizing an opportunity to act out whilst riding a wave of other people's acrimony.

I'd bet good money that none of those students goes hungry, that they get all the latest fashions and probably most of them are carrying a cellphone that costs as much as an average Joe makes in a week. The same sort of wankers walk around in Che Guevara tshirts, full of manufactured angst at imagined injustices when in fact Westerners live in a world our forbears engineered to shelter us from many of life's harshest realities and hopefully enable us to make the most out of life.

I've never seen anyone with smallpox. I've never seen a mother and her children dying of water-borne illness. I've never lived in a shack with no mod cons and I don't know anyone who has. I'm not saying people should shrug off real and pressing dangers or moral outrages in our world, and injustice should not be tolerated, but first we need to have a real discussion on what, in fact, constitutes injustice and moral outrage. Even destitute people in the West can find free food for themselves and their children. Medical care is available, food, housing. This is not third-world shit where your kids are sitting in filth with houseflies crawling across their eyeballs. We all need to have a sense of gravity and humility about the relative riches we have in our lives and how we need to use those riches as springboards to an even better existence for ourselves and all the little ones we hold dear.

Right now you're looking at a computer, whether your own or borrowed, and you are in a heated or cooled structure. You are comfortable most of the time. You have access to a staggering wealth of information through this box, you have a working brain and there is a world full of raw resources waiting to be tapped. You have the key to unraveling nearly any problem you ever could face, if you would but use it. But no one owes you. You really should have the dignity to earn it.

Only you can change the way you live.
Written by phlegmfatale
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