Sunday, September 09, 2012

Sunday, Puppy Sunday: ZOOOOOM!!!

Question: What's faster than a zooming chiweenie?
Answer: Nuthin.

Mochi is sashaying about with a sock of which she is very proud.  Her preferred mode of subduing offending articles is to tear around the house with them, stopping occasionally to fling them to the air and watch them fall, no doubt awaiting signs of life.  She does not let the obvious deadness of her playthings stop her from the victory dance, though.  Oh no.  It is very like a killer whale flipping a hapless seal into the air.  I hope she never loses her puppy joy-- she's so exuberant. :)

Sorry about the shaking during the video, but I was laughing so hard. 


pediem said...

I was almost getting dizzy watching her zooming! But her exuberance is absolutely adorable.

Anonymous said...

That is a fast dog.


Le Conteur said...

I loved the part where she dropped her "catch"and then went back to get it - she has certainly found her furever parents!

Le Conteur

Anonymous said...

Sweet!! When Mitzi gets in the mood to zoom around like that she always drops her toy and just RUNS. :) Your Mochi is much faster than Mitzi though.

Nothin' cuter than a Chiweenie at full speed. :D

Purple Magpie

Jennifer said...

Adorable. I would have been giggling too