Monday, September 03, 2012

brisket rub mix

The last couple of Phlegmfests, I've made brisket and seeing as there's never been any left over, I offered to make some at Blogorado this year.  FarmMom-- who is one of the finest cooks I know-- calls my brisket delicious, and working with before-and-after beeves, she would know, so I was very pleased when she took me up on the offer.  Sunday evening I rustled up the mix for the rub.  When the brisket is hot and fresh, I don't think it even needs BBQ sauce.  Still, I'll probably make some up a few days before we head out that way in case someone doesn't like their brisket nekkid.  On brisket day, I'll go to the range in the morning then head back to the house about midday to get the meat cooking so it's all ready by the time everyone moseys back from the range.  

I enjoy mixing up the dry ingredients, but I've never done more than one batch at a time, and that always in a bowl, so this was a bit different, just dumping the various ingredients into ziploc baggies.  This stuff looks like a sand painting or something, and there's something wonderful about mixing seasonings in such measures as 1/2 and 1/4 cup volumes when you normally add those ingredients to things in tablespoons and teaspoon measures.   There's a great aspect of enjoying the end product when you have the opportunity to take in the perfume of the seasonings, before they are married to beef.  Of course, there's a goodly bit of onion powder and my nose was running by the time I finished.  It almost seemed a shame to mix it all up and mess up the sand painting effect, but I wanted the flavors getting all cozy together for the next handful of weeks.  After mixing, I released the excess air from the bag to keep the seasonings fresher.

What a pleasure it is to anticipate good times with friends, and to do something ahead that you know will add to the atmosphere of the occasion.  It's not like I'm bringing an exotic weapon or anything, but I'll do my best with a couple of good-sized briskets. I'm excited!


Jennifer said...

Yum! Looking forward to it.

Monkeywrangler said...

Oooh...dry rub! Would you please share your mix recipe???