Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kilted to Kick Cancer

In this age of awareness ribbons and the like, it seems we've been for years awash in a sea of pink so it's easy to get issue-fatigue, but a bunch of my friends actively participate in a very worthy cause in conjunction with the Prostate Cancer Foundation, and I think it could use a little more attention.

As a manner of enticement, the participants are shamelessly offering to do outlandish things if they come out on the top of the contributions pile.   Among other things, Evyl_Robot's comely wife Jennifer has promised PVC Catsuit antics.  ROWR!   Ambulance Driver vowed to shave off half his moustache for the entirety of Blogorado.  JayG has-- I believe-- vowed to remove the entirety of his moustache.  All are noble vows, no doubt.  However, to my view, Stingray really trumps them here.

The big, bulging bonus for the rest of us is that these guys get kitted up in kilts for the month of September.  I'm calling this a monster win.  These guys look hands-down dashing in their kilts, even the Sicilian.

You can contribute to KTKC campaign by doing the clicky-clicky on the names of any (or all) of these guys.  Seriously, I don't often flog a cause to any degree, but this one is worthy.  All credit to the breast cancer awareness and all that, but guys are people too, and prostate cancer is something you don't want touching yours or the innards of anyone you love.  Srsly.


Jay G said...

Aw, shucks.

Thank'ee ma'am, appreciate the linky-love.

Just to set the record straight, I am not only shaving off my beloved mustache, but if I win, I will be sporting a hot pink kilt for next year's Kilted to Kick Cancer fundraiser...

Old NFO said...

Thanks for supporting us Phlegmmy!