Friday, September 28, 2012

Miss Mochi is getting noodered today. :(

I'm nervous, even though I know she'll be alright.

She doesn't like the vet's office.  The funny thing was that when she was very young and in those less-than-cozy homes, she was pretty matter-of-fact about being taken away to the vet.  In fact, at her previous place, her owners let me take her and her sibling to the vet for their first shots and all that, because they were actually overdue.  She wasn't stressed out about these strange people (me, Himself and aepilot_jim) taking her and her brother to the vet-- it was just another day in paradise.  These days, though, she is part of a loving and fun-loving pack, and she is actively abhorrent of being anywhere away from Chuy and Praline, and they take a dim view of her being parted from them, too.  Mochi will whimper pathetically, which will strum my heart strings in a most violent manner. *le sigh*   When administering shots, my vet squirts shaving cheese (what Himself calls cans of squirty cheese) on the table, and Mochi doesn't fall for that these days-- she will not be distracted when she knows they are up to no good.  At least she'll be back by the end of the day.

Speaking of heart strings, did you know there are actually stringy things in your heart???  I did not, but I learned that recenty in anatomy class.  They are called chordae tendinae and they are anchored to the base of each ventricle by papillary muscles and they attach to the tricuspid and bicuspid valves at the headward end of the right and left ventricles of the heart.  Isn't that interesting?  You're full of fascinating stuff!

Anyway, mine are thrumming right now.  Off to the vet will Little Bit.  Will give an update this afternoon. 


Auntie J said...

I had to take one of our kitties to the vet a couple weeks ago for what I knew was just a recurrence of a chronic problem. But I'd put off the call and the appointment until I couldn't any longer. I was scared, to be quite honest. Our last two vet appointments for two of our kitties had not ended well, and we came home with boxes and stone slab markers for the yard. I was petrified that this kitty, who's 11, would have a different diagnosis, and I'd be doing this again. Thankfully, I was right, and it was Minou's chronic problem, and the right course of meds fixed her right up.

Hope Miss Mochi is mending well, and the lovely amnesiac properties of the anesthetic means she won't remember tomorrow why she was so loopy today.

Anonymous said...

FYI - Bugles Corn Cracker Snacks (shaped like like cornucopias!) are even better when filled with squirt cheese!
(served with cold beer, of course!)


PS - continued good luck with the pups!