Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Phoning it in and failing.

I've tried to post several times lately from my iPhone, and either iPhone or the blogger app is being persnickety, and my vote is they both are.

The pain has finally eased up from the orthodontics, and for the past few days, I've not had to wax the brackets, so that is a huge improvement.  The tough thing, though, is it's really like I lost a week and my studies have suffered.  Tuesday morning is my first big test in  A&P II and I'm as nervous as can be. I feel I could (and should) feel more prepared.  I'll be glad when this segment of the course is behind me.  Then again, if this stuff were easy, then we'd have people for doctors and nurses who we really wouldn't want involved in our healthcare, right?  Sort of like the gubmint.

But I digress...

Puppy post never got up Sunday despite my efforts, so here is gratuitous photo of sacked-out puppies Monday while mommy worked.  Their lives are so hard.  One feels sorry for them.  Oh, how they suffer!  :)

I love seeing how happy their little lives are.  Chuy just wants to cuddle and be petted. Praline wants a toy overwhich to obsess, and Little Bit just larks about having SO MUCH FUN!  It's good to be a puppy. :)

Fingers crossed on my exam later this morning.  Will try to post an update. 


Jess said...

I don't comment much, but I'm addicted to your puppeh photos. Life is a grand experience when it's shared with contented pups.

Old NFO said...

You'll do well, I have faith in you !!!