Monday, April 02, 2012

Mani Monday: Butter London Knackered

I have to show this thing I did with my fingernails. Base coat here is a color called Knackered by Butter London. In the bottle, it looks decidedly green in cast, but most angles, it looks a lilac color. Also has brilliant microglitter for a super-sparkly effect in pretty much any lighting. By the way, I bought Butter's base- and top-coats and nail polish remover in a set thingie at Ulta recently. It's expensive, but is hands-down the best overall product line for manicures I've found. Best best best nail polish remover. Expensive. Worth it.

The black lace effect I achieved with a black polish and image stamping plate from Konad. You paint the polish over the image you want on the image plate, squeegee off the excess and then lift the remaining design in polish with a rubber-stamp type thing. I did order the Konad black polish, which I think is formulated for this stamping style process.

I love it. I tend to hate nail art, because so much of it reeks of high cheese factor, but I think this looks a lot nicer than the usual crap.

Oh, and yes, my index fingernail is wonky. I had my finger smooshed in a door at school in first grade and the nail fell off and it came back in wonky. I think the bone at the end of the finger got smooshed, too, because it's kind of misshapen, but it all seems to work fine, so no biggie. Just slightly odd. Hurt like f***-all at the time, though.


DirtCrashr said...

At least it wasn't your trigger ginger! My rt hand third franken-finger got the Smoosh in a door-hinge when I was a toddler...had to sew it back on.

phlegmfatale said...

DirtCrashr - you win the ouches today. I cringed when I read that. Yeah, at least it wasn't my trigger finger, thank goodness!

Jennifer said...

Ooh! Shiny, pretty, and awesome.
Dropped an antique sewing machine on my right thumb 7 years ago. Nail still isn't right.

phlegmfatale said...

Jennifer - OUCH!!! Poor lamb. They didn't make those things light in the past, either!

Thud said...

A chap such as myself should of course not concern himself with such feminine fripperies, but what the hell....seriously nice nails!

phlegmfatale said...

Thud - of course not, but, thanks! It's sort of the velvet wallpaper of nail effects. I'm enjoying it!