Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Jodie Newell interviews Herman Cain 2 weeks ago

One very interesting lady I met at the NRA Convention was Australian journalist Jodie Newell. She said the Australian public take a keen interest in watching politics in the USA, and I said maybe we're their soap opera. Jodie said she was surprised how low-key Romney seemed to be in his speech on Friday, having expected that he'd want to take the opportunity to curry favor with the 6 million voters who are members of the NRA. I think perhaps Romney does want the votes of the NRA members, but that he seems more eager for the votes of people who voted for Obama the first time and are now disillusioned, and that strong support for the NRA might turn those voters off.

I met Jodie in the media room at the convention, and she has lovely eyes that dance with a good-natured intelligence. We chatted for several minutes and I said I hear many people say they are tired of voting against a candidate and want instead to vote FOR a candidate, for a change. I said I'd been so excited by the prospect of Herman Cain but was crestfallen when he was routed out of the running, and she mentioned she'd interviewed him a couple of weeks ago, and would send me the link. She said her impression of him was that of a team player who wants his candidate to win. This is a link to a an audio clip of the interview that is a little under 3 minutes long:

Hermain Cain comments on Mitt Romney's latest primary victories

Speaking of good-natured, I just love the natural charm and grace of Herman Cain. Considering the vitriolic degree of the smear campaign he endured while his hat was still in the ring for the presidency, I'd say he sounds very upbeat and unscathed. The dignity of Herman Cain sounds downright Presidential, to me. A less mature person would have stamped off in a huff to take his marbles home and dissociate with the process. Clearly, however, he wants conservatism to triumph in the coming election, and contents himself with acting in whatever capacity he may to facilitate that victory. Listening to him, I feel my outlook has been far too negative, and I like being challenged in a way that makes me feel things have the possibility of improving.

It's nice to hear his positive outlook, and it was also nice to speak to a journalist who seems to have a good natured affection for her subject. I came away from our chat with the distinct impression that Jodie Newell wants the USA to be strong and to thrive. Perhaps this is borne of the intrepid spirit of rugged individualism I like to think so many Americans share with Aussies.

Thank you for passing this along, Ms. Newell, and all best to you!


Scott McCray said...

I'm glad Herman is still in the mix - he's a good'un - and he would have made a helluva Prez, too. Funny how the media can rip-to-shreds anyone that doesn't "fit" their narrative. Yet they can ignore the baggage of whomever does "fit" - strange that, huh?

Rabbit said...

I've always liked Herman. Smart, erudite, likes pizza and white women. Just like me.

Crucis said...

Phlegmmie, it was great meeting you in St. Louis. Lawdog, too.

I think Romney was there solely to get his "ticket" punched. Any 'Pub politician running for Prez HAS to speak before the NRA. Every one has, in the past. I noticed all three, Romney, Newt, and Rick, all claimed to be NRA members. Newt and Rick said they were Life Members---Rick's wife and daughter Bella, too.

For me, it was a toss-up between Cain and Newt. I liked them both. I didn't agree with Cain's 999 plan. It'd be too easy to become a 30-30-30 plan. But I liked everything else.

But, the game isn't over yet. There's still four(?) months until the Convention.