Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Another semester nearly done.

I attend two classes tomorrow, then take a final literature exam Tuesday and do a presentation of my research paper in my rhetoric class on Thursday week, so I am nearly done. I have a tremendous amount of writing to finish. As usually happens when I should be writing, I get a spectacular amount of laundry done, dishes clean, etc. It's amazing how my industrial energy can be diverted from a task at hand. In any case, all shall be completed in eight days, and none too soon.

I will consider that I have roughly ten weeks off, as the last month before the Fall semester will be consumed with preparation for the English Composition classes I will teach this semester. I plan to get a lot of organization done on my house, and to get a great deal of gardening done. This is going to be a great summer. :)

But enough rambling: back to my writing!


Old NFO said...

Go forth and do GOOD! :-) We're proud of you!

Vinogirl said...

You are teaching English classes? Cool. When I was doing my Vit degree, the English composition class I took was extremely politically charged, and the instructor an out and out commie. I thought it very misguided and irresponsible to instruct impressionable 18 and 19 year olds thus...But it is California after all.

phlegmfatale said...

I received an assistantship at my university, which means I will teach two classes for at least two semesters (beginning this Fall) for the entry level English Composition classes. I find in many cases, politics is never far from the field of discussion in many humanities classes, but most of my professors have not been crusaders, fortunately. It's a nightmare to be in a class where the professor is trying to terrify the students (one prof actually said that was their goal: to terrify) so the students can be subsumed into the movement the teacher espouses. I am disappointed by such narrow-minded, controlling philosophies, and I resist.

Windy Wilson said...

You have a course in Rhetoric? I got logic from the Jesuits, but even Law School didn't teach Rhetoric, except in a minimalist, desultory manner in the writing class, if even that much. For Grammar I can thank the teachers at Grant Elementary, for Logic I can thank Father Kristovich, and for Rhetoric I can thank Amazon.