Monday, July 17, 2017

Good reading. The Lawdog Files book is available today.

I admit I have a particular bias, but I do know objectively that this book is outstanding, and I highly recommend it.

LawDog's writing is evocative of the cowboy philosopher/poet that so many of us associate with the spirit of rugged individualism that defines the American spirit. The fact that these stories actually happened only makes them even better. Rather than making him seem lessened, the tales of his rookie errors (never insult a feral hog with a mere 9mm) serve as bona fides for his hard-won gravitas. Speaking in a voice that does not condescend or preach, LawDog inspires confidence that hearkens to the very best qualities we hope for in law enforcement personnel. I know many folks follow his blog, and much of this material is available there, through the years, but it is good to have so many stories collected in one volume. I hope you will read it. :)


Old NFO said...

Finally! :-D

c-90 said...

Yeah, and his second book's pub date is pushed up, and it's already a best seller on

Paraphrasing Chief Brody: "He's gonna need a bigger hat!"



Unknown said...

Yup. Big thumbs up.

Vinogirl said...

Just read the Amazon review, sounds funny :)