Monday, July 18, 2016

Sunday, Puppy Monday: slow on the draw

Sorry for late and spotty puppy posting. This summer has been full rodeo since it started.   I think Chuy had only pulled a muscle, and he seems fully recovered. However, he quite liked being lifted onto and off of things like the bed or the sofa. Now that he's feeling better, I'll catch him jumping on and off things, but he still does a "Princess and the Pea" routine, waiting patiently for his curbside service at every turn. Ha!


Old NFO said...

He's spoiled rotten...LOL

Tokarev said...

What's that smell? Oh, spoiled dawg. Haha!

Vinogirl said...

Ah, dogs. Vinodog 2 has had an eventful 2016, thus far. Has been to the vet three times in the last 5 weeks, most recently today. My poor little girl may have stitches in her bum, but she still has a smile on her face. Dogs rule.