Saturday, April 30, 2016

Read 'em and steep:

I have the most outstanding coffee/tea mug that I found at an estate sale recently for .50. I near soiled  myself when I saw it, honey, because it was awesome. Awesome. 

I saw Shakespeare by the frame, and looked on the bottom of the mug: Wedgwood, honey. 

I've been enjoying tea and coffee in this mug all the more for the mug. I decided to peek at eBay and see if I could find more. 1964, Stratford-Upon-Avon Advisory Council.  Crap. I've seen the last of the fifty cent versions of these: there's a buy it now on eBay for $55.00. There's also a buy it now version for $21.96, but it's in England, and I'll bet the postage makes it closer to the $55 version. 

Turns out this was one of a series of five lithographed mugs designed by Wedgwood artist Victor Skellern to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the birth of Shakespeare. 

Well, no spares for me, but I'll contininue to
enjoy my cuppa, Bard-style. :)

Or maybe I should sell it...?


Meg said...


drjim said...

Pretty darn KEWL!

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Peter said...

You know what they say . . . it's a mug's game!


Thud said...

Perhaps you should drink tea in it!