Sunday, March 13, 2016

Happiness is a raft of new (old) hankies

Hankies are great for throwing in fabric projects here and there, but I also like carrying a hankie. Found some pretties at an estate sale this weekend. :)


Jedi Master Ivyan said...

Those are really pretty. I especially like the top left and the roses. Have fun with them.

The Old Man said...

Young lady -
Might I inquire as to the weight of the smallest doxie? We have a 7 pounder and haven't seen anything that will fit around her chest without being far too large for the rest of her. I thank you and Annie thanks you.
The Old Man

Old NFO said...

Ver nice! :-)

Le Conteur said...

Lady, I have been collecting hankies for years, never use Kleenex (unless I am out somewhere and without my trusty hankie) Only once was I reprimanded for using a hankie over a reasons...sodding idiot tho that employer was I paid little attention and submitted my well researched paper on the health advantages of using handkerchiefs...I also stated that I would stop using them ONLY if the employer (who was male and with a handkerchief in his pocket)forced all males to stop using them also...heh.
Le Conteur