Saturday, October 24, 2015

I'm sew happy.

I made a dirndl to wear to a friend's Oktoberfest this fall, and it turned out alright. It's by far the most elaborate garment (or set of garments) I've made with some of the more difficult elements. I  ran up a muslin of the bodice, then had to re-draft two pieces to make it fit properly. I ended up with a halfway decent fit that looked pretty authentic. The main fabric featured dachshunds, and I was pretty pleased with the outcome, hobbled as I was by a clunky sewing machine with only a single stitch at only a single length in its repertoire. 

To my delight, a dear friend gave me a whizz-bang sewing machine for my birthday. I vowed to get past mid-terms before cracking into a new garment to sew, so I could get through mid-terms. I have, like, about 20 things I want to make right away. I'm sew excited!


Old NFO said...

And away you go!!! :-)

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