Thursday, February 05, 2015

"We're all born naked. The rest is drag." RuPaul

Of course, as I'm immersed in school, I sometimes have only a peripheral awareness of what's happening here and around the world in politics and culture. I try not to be blind-sided by things, but sometimes a snippet of something will prick up my ears and pull my focus a bit.

The entire SJW (social justice warrior) thing is beyond worn-thin. Everything has to be a huge hand-wringing issue, sackcloth and ashes and all that garbage.


The most recent of these earth-shaking issues to come across my radar has been the effort on the part of some to liken the offensiveness of men dressing up in drag to the offensiveness of Blackface.

 Because I have to study before class later today, I'll cut to the chase and show what I posted on FB about the subject:

...I have LONG been a fan of drag, always having recognized it as an homage to powerful and beautiful women, rather than a slight. Witness the art of Jinkx Monsoon or The Bianca Del Rio if you want to see the full package at work. These performers are brilliant and put a lot of heart into the personae they so carefully craft. Watch an episode of RuPaul's Drag Race featuring either of those two performers in particular and compare th...e level of banter to what one usually sees in reality shows - drag performers are self-aware, most are culturally aware, and there's always a display of wit and irony that is oh-so-refreshing in the canned-laughter wasteland that is modern television programming.

Misses Monsoon and Del Rio are living art, any way you slice them. I have spectacular respect for what they do. They certainly don't need me to defend them, but do not get between me and my queens, people.

I have to insert a qualifier here. I can understand if drag is not to your taste, and that is subjective, personal, and entirely your business.  But don't decide on behalf of all women that all women have been insulted. Every drag queen I've ever known has been a person who admires women. Don't decide for me that I've been insulted. Frankly, I'm insulted when someone wants to decide for me how I should feel about anything.

What goes on with drag in no way parallels what is at work in blackface. Period.

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