Wednesday, October 08, 2014


Got up at 5:45 to see the Blood Moon eclipse thingie, and looked on as the coyotes yipped from outside town. 

Test in mental health today, and I'm pretty nervous about that. Also discovered that I didn't save about 3 hours of work I did on my laptop recently, and I have to re-do that. Ugh. Should be faster the second time, though. Still, I hate feeling rushed to finish things. 

It'll be alright. 49 will be good. 364 days from now, I'll be within 2 months of completion of nursing school. Yee haw!

I just hope this test goes well, today. Fingers crossed. 


Buck said...

Happy Birthday, Phlegmmy!

Jennifer said...

Meant to get up, but the snooze button is just so lovely.
Hope the test went well, although I'm sure it did.