Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday, Puppy Sunday: Mochi on the mend

Nice to see how quickly the wound tidied up once the sutures came out on Wednesday. She's all bouncy-bouncy as ever, again, and seems the happy girl she ever was before. I love her so. Chuy and Praline are sweetly indulgent of her puppy-style sparring, too. Good doggies. 


Jess said...

I don't comment enough about how wonderful it is for you to post about your canine companions.

They touch hearts from a long distance, because you describe them so well.

Thank you

Jennifer said...

Surgeon did a nice job! So happy flopsy pup is getting back to herself.

drjim said...

I had to go back and find where her ailment started.

Poor little puppy!

I've spent over $1000 in the last month, getting shots for our two, and getting the little one examined once, and stitched up once.

The big one got into it with her TWICE, and the second time was $680. four drainage tubes, and 15 stitches in her ear.

The big one was sent back to the pet adoption people that night!

He was an excellent dog by himself, but just couldn't tolerate the little dog, and went full-bore at her one afternoon.

The house looked like a crime scene, but now that all her tubes and stitches are out, she's much better, and a totally different dog.

Very playful and loving, and the stress level in the house has gone down a couple of orders of magnitude.

Good to hear your little Mochi is doing well.