Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Catch the new Sherlock Holmes on BBC's Masterpiece Mystery

This is rich, rich stuff. I've been hearing about this version of the famous detective set in contemporary London, and my dear friend Kim raved about it on her blog.

The action begins when Watson comes into Holmes' life, and the exchanges in which they suss each other are cleverly scripted and brilliantly portrayed. The scene at table in the pub was worth the whole hour and 23 minutes.

Watch here. New episodes every Sunday, and I think you'll be able to watch each episode free online for a couple weeks.

"I'm not a psycopath, Anderson, I'm a high-functioning sociopath. Do your research." ---Holmes



Roscoe said...

We saw "Sherlock" when it air on BBC One over the summer. The same people currently run "Doctor Who", and after that show's stunning story arc/finale this season, tuning in to see a Steven Moffat-penned Sherlock Holmes was a no-brainer.

If you like "Sherlock", rent or Netflix this set.

Rustmeister said...

I've heard good things about this as well, will definitely check it out.

FHB said...

Denise watched it, but I missed it. Damn!

FHB said...

Cool, it's not blocked by the schools system! I can watch it during ESL!

BMiller said...

I watched it Sunday evening just out of curiosity.

The parallels to A Study in Scarlet annoyed me but only because they lulled me into thinking I knew what was coming next.

On the whole I loved it. It's just going to be tricky going forward to remember that this is something new and different not just a modern retelling of the original.

And just how did the dear doctor manage to retain his service sidearm? I was under the impression that Once Great Britain had done a keg stand on Sarah Brady's Kool-aid vat?


Joanna said...

Saw it; loved it. Will watch more.

The parallels to A Study in Scarlet annoyed me but only because they lulled me into thinking I knew what was coming next.

I think they did the whole series that way, basing things loosely on the original stories but not completely adapting them.

Bonus nerd points: The guy who plays Watson has just been chosen to play Bilbo in the Hobbit movie.

Kim Carney said...

I watched it again on the PBS website while I was working on the computer. I have watched all the originals so so so many times ... I am just thrilled to have a new batch. ;) LOVE YOU!!!

Stretch said...

I was ready to hate it. How can you possible improve on Brett? Pulled down my Annotated Holmes so I could pick some serious nits.
Fifteen minutes in I was nodding. At the line "This is a three patch problem." I laughed aloud. By the end I was crying "More! More!"
As for Dr. Watson's side arm ... any self respecting Tommy Atkins would use 'alternative retail' to arm himself when returning to the former Great Britain. Large portions of the population consider any soldier an enemy.

Roberta X said...

Saw it last night, watched the first episode online. Brilliant! I'm really liking this pairing and setting.