Friday, January 09, 2009
Pupgirl is nicely on the mend by now. She's still at the vet's office and I'll be able to pick her up first thing on Saturday morning. Thursday morning about 2.5 hours after I'd dropped her off, the vet called me and said she had fared well in the surgery, was coming out from under the anaesthesia and was already her naturally silly self again. I hope she doesn't wiggle out of her stitches! Anyhoo, she's all fixed up and in fine fettle.

Chuy, on the other hand, has not fared so well during this separation. He's been desolate, tragic and utterly bereft of his joy since his sissy left Thursday morning. I had to be out of town all day, so my sister took him to the office and let him hang out with her. He looked out of the window and whined most of the day. Poor little lad. I shall keep him with me all day Friday and hopefully the time will pass quickly. Mebbe a nice long walk? Looking forward to their happy reunion.

Don't you hate when you catch yourself blurting something stupid and trite? You never do that?
I do it all the time. :P

I got pulled over Thursday morning for not stopping far enough behind a stop sign.
As I signed my ticket, I said "thank you officer. I'm not normally a sloppy driver." [I had come to a full stop, but my front bumper wasn't behind the stop sign.]

He said "uh hunh."

I said "I'm sorry. That's a cliche, isn't it? You hear that all the time?"
He nodded.
I said "well, I rarely get pulled over so I'm not rehearsed on non-cliche comments."

Someday, perhaps I'll learn to keep my mouth shut, but I'm not holding my breath.


Some comments on this post made me realize I need to add to this post. Now I feel like I jerk because I didn't splain the whole situation which transpired with the officer, who was actually very polite. I was digging through the myriad paper scraps in my glove compartment while he phoned in my information. He came back and was writing the ticket and I handed him the most recent proof of insurance (I have it, have never let it lapse in my adult life) which ended in September. He looked at the expired date and said he was going to cut me a break and just give me a ticket for no proof of insurance and I could go take care of that ticket for $20-ish with proof of my insurance. Oddly enough, if I'd had current proof of my insurance, I'm sure I would have paid a $100-ish to $200ish ticket on the stop sign violation, so he actually did me a great kindness by letting the stop sign thingy go, even if there was a question of degrees. Mebbe he had to meet a quota. Who knows? I think he must have thought I looked guilty. [who? little ole me?]
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