Wednesday, November 05, 2003

OK. I know I'm not the most faithful blogger -- at best you see entries from me about once a month -- but when my drips and drabs dribble out, I try to make it interesting for the reader. Eschewing mundanity, I can reasonably assure you you will not see blogs from me in future regarding the function of my gastro-intestinal tract, or the efficacy of toothpastes on the market. Perhaps you would like to hear more about the drama swirling about my apocalyptic-white-trash bunch of relatives? There's always something bizarre going on with them. Recent events include at least one pistol-whipping (the perp being presumably too broke to buy bullets and finsh off my cousin properly). I realized recently that I am the only female in my family beyond puberty to remain childless. Most of my cousins in fact, pound out infants like rapid gunfire, so they are doing their part and mine to replenish our species. Yes, I think you want to read more of this.

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