Monday, May 09, 2011

(some of) the fruit of Sunday's date with my garden

My trip to Dallas a couple weeks ago yielded some lovely herbs. Here from left to right, I have a blue rosemary, french tarragon, fernleaf dill, thai basil and arp rosemary. I may have overcrowded this thing, actually, and these may not be entirely happy together, so if one of them seems to be failing, I'll quickly move it into its own pot. Still, there's nothing quite like popping out to the front for a handful of goodies to go in the cooking pot, is there? That always feels so rewarding and satisfying to me. :)

In the many-coloured pot that was festooned by the clever, lovely Dallas artist Ann Huey, I have a precious specimen of Odena's Kitchen Thyme. Named for Texas herbalist Odena Brannam, this thyme is from rocky, arid Mount Ararat, Turkey, and brought here by Byron Terry. My guess is that region's soil composition must be very similar to that of north Texas, because this thyme always thrived for me. I always used to purchase it at a delightful nursery called King's Creek Garden Center in Cedar Hill, but I found they'd closed last summer, alas. I despaired of ever finding this wonderful thyme again. I ran into an old favorite plant specialist at another garden center in Midlothian, and she gave me the location of a little herb garden nursery that is not open often, but where she definitely had Odena's Kitchen Thyme. I raced over there, lucky to find her open, and that's the beautiful nursery I posted here a couple weeks ago. Yay! So that's where I obtained the thyme and other herbs for my kitchen.

There I also purchased that rose gernaium I posted with the intense dark magenta blossoms. That is simply called "Old fashioned rose geranium," and here you can see the whole plant in the blue and white Chinese pot.

Sunday I had to work with just one glove-- my right. The left was nowhere to be found. I suspect foul play of the puppeh variety. I hope it's not wending its way through puppy entrails. meh.

It's coming together. I'm starting to feel like this is looking like MY place. :)

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