Sunday, May 15, 2011

jiggity jig.

This week was exhausting, but ultimately rewarding. Mom has her new knees and is in a transitional facility for Physical Therapy to prepare her for getting around on her own at home. We hope to get some idea Monday when she'll be able to go home. If I were betting, I would not be surprised if they release her before the weekend.

She is walking with a walker, but even with that, she does so with better range of movement (and faster) than she was prior to the surgery. I'm really proud of her. :) Looking forward to daily news of her progress, and I'm looking forward to going back home to my folks next weekend. I know they've both been out of sorts for being apart, and I'm looking forward to seeing them both back at home, comfortable and bantering away.

I returned home early this morning to a happy reunion with teh puppehs, but it's the wee hours and they seem impatient for me to go to bed, for some reason. I think I'll accommodate my little darlings.


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Auntie J said...

Glad to hear your mom came through the surgery in such fine fettle!

At least she's not having to get around via a platform walker, which is a whole other ball of wax, and not nearly as fun. (Yes, I've had experience with one.)

I sincerely hope your predictions for her release are spot on! It's so much easier on the mind and heart to recover at home.