Monday, May 30, 2011

a break from a task to reflect upon well-being and a bright outlook

I don't go in much for hoo-doo mysticism. I know what I like and I recognize that we naturally notice things we find appealing when they crop up. I don't think that things always work out for the best, and rarer still the way we would like them to (heaven preserve us from what we truly desire), but I do think things work out how they work out and very often, the outcome-- if properly regarded-- is even better than we might have imagined for ourselves. Even through the horrid crap, hopefully we come away with an experience from which we learn and grow.

This weekend has been a wave of hypermania for me, and I've put in some incredible hours to try and render my abode slightly more inviting for guests. Himself has been most gracious and accommodating and has reached all the bits too high for me to swab with a paintbrush, and he's helped in many other ways. As he left here tonight he sweetly offered "what would you like me to do for you first when I get here in the morning." Ah, what might I do with such an offer?? *big grin here*

I finally started listening to music on Pandora on my iPhone, after yonks of urging from my sister.

Anyway, after he left, I was painting the area behind the fridge, up on a stepladder and I was thinking that very much like shooting, painting is such a Zen practice. As if in response to that, Pandora queued up the following track from Sigur Ros, which my yoga instructor has frequently played during cool-down at the end of session. Lovely.

Things work out. One way or another. And there is always beauty and music.


Jon said...

"...Things work out. One way or another. And there is always beauty and music...."

Indeed. They are always there, even if it's only a moment of quiet, productive thought with the pleasant distraction of a wind chime.

Josh Kruschke said...

@ 35 seconds you can see Shiprock. I grew up not far from there in Farmington NM.

Seeing that made me a little home sic. There's nothing like the high desert.