Saturday, May 14, 2011

An errand brought me far north...

So I stopped to luxuriate in the buffet at Pasand at Campbell and Coit. Chicken biryani, tamarind soup, dhosa, vegetable pakoras, malai kofta, chicken masala-- *heaven.*. For dessert, I'll have a bit of gulab jamun while I fish the spicy skin off the top of a nice cup of chai. Yum!!!

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Chris said...

Waaaa.. I only got to... eat isn't the right word, imbibe maybe.. there once before I left the DFW area. Yum isn't the word. It's nice to know they are still around.
I have yet another reason to cage a business trip to our Ft. Worth facility. (heheheheh!!)

Old NFO said...

Looks good :-)