Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fairy lights

Got my lights up on the tree house, finally. This tree house deck thingie is under (and around) one of two enormous pecan trees in me back yard. It's really nice, but it's needed a little extra oomph all along, and apparently that oomph was light.

He did the hard work and I gave artistic direction. Got lovely white lights with round frosted bulbs-- I love that look. Sat on the back step late Monday night with Himself, admiring his handyman skills. :) I'm imagining a lot of nice friends here, too, and very soon.

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JPG said...

We look forward to seeing it first hand. That, and y'all and all the rest of the crew.

Thud said...

A big thumbs up, I approve!

Jennifer said...

Love. Love. Love it. So excited to see you and the new lights soon

Auntie J said...

Can I come visit, too?

Rabbit said...

Very Nice! We've been accumulating various strings of such lights, too. This may be the year they get used.