Monday, May 24, 2010

ZOMG! Caffeinated Maple-Bacon Lollypops! Oh My!

Over at Lollyphile, they've got lots of tantalizing lolly creations. I'm not a candy eater, especially hard candies, but I might make an exception for a caffeinated maple-bacon lollypop.

An even more perfect gift for the sweet-toothed pork aficionado in your life.

Yum! We couldn't agree more.

Ginger-Wasabi sounds good.

Bourbon lollypops? (for when you feel your breath isn't bad enough yet, I suppose? Come to that, can you pass a breathalyser after eating one?)

Absinthe Lollypops: "Our Absinthe Lollipops are really freaking awesome. And we say that without even an ounce of hubris- people go crazy (not like, cut-your-ear-off crazy, tho) for them."
Uh, count me in.


George said...

Thanks! I was looking for a special birthday gift for a friend who likes candy and chai...what a find! I'm surprised you didn't mention the bacon chocolate, though...
Sees like all the gunnies like both bacon and chocolate!

Lissa said...

If I recall correctly, absinthe -- even done correctly, i.e. poured over melted sugar -- tastes like a combination of bus exhaust, turpentine and lemon juice. Sounds yummy!

Old NFO said...

Um... interesting... :-)