Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday, Puppy Sunday: mOar whip cream, please.

The looks on their faces tell you they only ever get to eat pebbles and pine cones, right? You'd think he hadn't eaten in weeks, but you can just make out a dollop of freshly whipped cream on Chuy's mouth in one of the photos. Con arteeste.

Chuy works the wrinkles. Mommy's wrapped around his paw, or so I'm told.

Chuy has a grand flourish of a tongue, whilst Praline's is prim and ladylike. Unless she's hunting squirrelses.


Holly said...

You ARE wrapped around Chuy and Praline's paws

Old NFO said...

Good pics, thanks for the laugh!!!

Bz said...

From one Texan to another... You are funny. Really.
(stumbled on to your blog w/ the 'next blog' button.
p.s. Like your pups- cute!

Jon said...

In dog perception, the treat you just gave has been stored in the way back section of memory. Otherwise, a vast period of time has transpired in dog perception and their worried look is due to this perception. An eon has passed since the momma treated the babies and they long for another treat similar to the one they had during another age.

Give them another one. They've suffered way too long.;)

Vinogirl said...

I think some dogs would just eat until they burst!
Great pictures.