Thursday, May 06, 2010

How cool is this?!!!

Over at his blog, Thud had a post up last August in which he was looking for chimney pots to match the ones on the house he's restoring in England. [he needed 12. Twelve! Imagine how lovely that house must be!] I said I had one just like it, but that it was not available as it was used for my umbrellas and such and was all the way over here in Texas. Well, I got my chimney pot out of storage this weekend and it stands sentinel by the door. It's a lovely thing and as I'm getting things sorted and arranged here, it's feeling more and more like home all the time. Pictures coming soon of the flowers out front. Anyway, I'm imagining these two chimney pots may have run through a kiln together once upon a time. Isn't that neat?

By the way, check out Thud's blog in general, if you want to see a real craftsman at work. I'm besotted with the lovely door on his house, and here's a picture of part of the installation process.
*chimney pot photo at left by Thud


Old NFO said...

I'd hate to pay his heating bill with 12 chimneys... That is NOT a small house!

Thud said...

Ta very much!

Putz said...

hey i liikr thudsly also, too, in addition