Sunday, May 02, 2010

Sunday, Puppy Sunday: Chuy's cheese

Saturday, whilst mumsy was making a dish with a grand bleu cheese from France (super-stinky/super-creamy! om nom nom) the little puppies were going hawg-wild. Imagine the olfactory smell-o-rama that must have been for them.

Having cut away the lion's share of the cheese from the rind for the dish, I had the remaining bits on a plate and started to cut salvageable bits for the pups. They'd seemed addled since I'd unpeeled the cello from the cheese in the first place, as if they might come completely unhinged at any moment.

What amazed me is that normally, Chuy will chomp down on whatever is offered him, often nipping the fingers that gave the treat, and Praline always has a very soft mouth, daintily accepting anything offered. This time, with this gloriously pungent little universe of 3-d stink coming at him, Chuy oh-so-delicately took a little piece of cheese from my hand, as if it were a baby bird he didn't want to squish in his mouth, and then he proceeded to sort of gum it to death. I swear he went a little cross-eyed just there, and then he was ready for more.


Vinogirl said...

Cute...the Vinodogs are cheese lovers also...any cheese.

Old NFO said...

LOL- Yeah, at 100000x more sensitive than a human, you can bet their noses were in an uproar!

Jon said...

In a roundabout way, the only difference between the cheese, and what will accumulate between your toes, are a few minute genetical differences and location. Chuy was, obviously, playing his cards close to prevent a severe scolding for abusing his human.

Scott McCray said...

"I swear he went a little cross-eyed just there, and then he was ready for more."

Food ecstasy - goggies can haz it too. (Still grinning at the thought.)