Sunday, May 09, 2010

Sunday, Bloody Puppy Sunday: Baby's First Kill, or, uh, somesuch.

In which our heroine confirms her Terrierness.

Praline has been a regular Barky McBarkerson lately, and now we know why. She's been having cussing contests with a big honking squirrel that apparently took up residence in my attic.

Not so fast, sport. Not on Praline's watch you don't.

Praline enlisted Daddy's aid, and he got Mumsy's little lever-action Browning .22 and a single well-placed Super Colibri made the bad squirrel come down from the roof toute-de-suite.

Miss Praline went in to finish the job and snatched the squirrel from midair a couple feet off the ground, and then the awfulest bunch of shaking and thrashing you've never seen commenced. It was mayhem. There was blood flying all over the place and I thanked her for giving me a puppy post for the weekend-- something new and totally fresh.

She's all proud and prancy, having enjoyed a big adventure. I've begged daddy to skin out the squirrel for a little squirrel skin cap for Chuy. Praline, meanwhile, is just lusting for her next kill. Woe betide the squirrelses.

Squirrel is pining for the fjords.


Keads said...

Ah yes, the wildlife show goes on! And as much as we like to think that they are ours, they will do what is hardwired into them.

Nice job BTW for Miss Praline! Squirrels are tough targets!

BobG said...

My parents had a dog that was part rat terrier, and she spent a lot of time outside hunting mice; she was quite good at it, also.
Of course part of it might have been attributable to the fact that the dog was raised by a Siamese cat, but the terrier spark was there.

Crucis said...

Remember, Terriers were originally bred to kill rats. They are fierce little fighters.

Old NFO said...

Now that was a funny post... :-) Squirrels beware!

Christina RN LMT said...

"Squirrel is pining for the fjords."


Thanks for making me LOL, Phlegmmy!

I'm proud of my niece-pup...good job, Praline!

Tam said...

There are few things happier than a dog that has successfully defended the cave. :)

Well done, Praline!

Vinogirl said...

I think V2 is half Jack Russell, the squirrels around here are positively hounded by her!

Jon said...

Years ago, my brother took the family minature dachsund squirrel hunting. Much to my surprise, the after hunt report was good. He did his job by constantly keeping the squirrels moving, which prevented them from hiding on the back side of the tree.

The only problem was the dog thought the squirrels were his and would growl when my brother retrieved the squirrels. He was forgiven when he gave the dog the intestines.

Borepatch said...

Well done to your pup. Alas, my terrier could only catch a squirrel if I staked it down first.

TOTWTYTR said...

Squirrel is pining for the fjords.

This is an EX squirrel.

Borepatch said...


staghounds said...

Kill the squirrel!

Kill the squirrel!

C - I - L - L the squirrel!