Sunday, August 21, 2011

I really like Allen West.

He seems to have a grasp on the fact that our legislators in D.C. need to reduce spending and reverse confiscatory taxing practices in order to turn this ship around.

I think it's really too bad he's not running for president in 2012.


RobertSlaughter said...

Well, not yet. It's possible he may do so, along with a few other 'unannounced'. And I strongly suspect he's in the top running for being tapped for VP by several of the candidates.

Roscoe said...

Mrs. Roscoe lived in what is now part of the carefully gerrymandered FL 22nd district during med school. I'm still astonished Col. West won given the demographics, but he is a very persuasive speaker.

Sen. Marco Rubio will be the VP choice if the Republicans need to play a choice from Florida.