Tuesday, August 23, 2011

all the modern conveniences.

Have you heard of wrap rage or package rage? Chances are, if you are like me, you've experienced same at one point.

Once my Rebel XT was back up and running, last week I found some dear friends' photos-- mostly of their chillins on an outing-- from about a year ago. I thought I'd put these on a data stick and give that to them so they'd have that to keep for themselves. The memory stick was in a plastic bubble that was surrounded by a field of cardboard. Easy peasey, right? Just tear off the cardboard and open the little plastic oyster shell casing around the device, right?

Wrong. The carboard was plasticized and nigh unwrappable, since I was home alone with no handy gorilla to tear into it, I got out a razor-sharp blade and sliced into it, even then with great difficulty, and I considered how easily one might cut oneself in attempt to get into one of these infuriating bits of plastic.

I understand the theft-control aspect of this, but I think they go a little overboard with the packaging. It's getting so that even those little condiment packages for ketchup and packets of hair conditioner-- things that always have the "tear here" notch cut in-- lots of those are nigh impossible to get into without scissors these days.

Really annoying.

One bit of package design I find endlessly delightful is the blister pack. You know the ones-- where you pop the little tablet through a foil-backed package with little bubble-wrap style compartments containing the goodies. If I had a web site, the buttons would be blister-pack pill dispensers-- they are so cute! Nice to think of some 20th century packaging to wash away the bitter tang of packaging gone wrong. Come to think of it, something in one of those little blister packs might help take away wrap rage altogether. ;P


Josh Kruschke said...

When we are buy everything online and nolonger need to come into physical contact with anyone then their will no longer be package rage.


Anonymous said...

Hey Phlegmmy...This is KoTHL. It's ironic that you posted this. You have a package on the way...hopefully it's not too terribly difficult to open...lol. Mulligan and DogHouseDan were out running errands one day and run across something that was fitting as a thank you gift for you and the hubby for hosting Phlegmfest. I apologize for it taking me so long to get it to you but better late than never. I hope it comes in handy and again thank you and we all had a great time.

Kristophr said...

Use a pair of tin snips to open those.

Just cut off the edges.

Roscoe said...

I have a pair of aircraft metal snips I keep handy for opening toys at Christmas -- much safer than an Xacto knife. The packaging used for the Fisher Price kiddie camera a few years ago was particularly evil and inspired the tool purchase.

The blister packs protecting over-the-counter Allegra D pills are surprisingly tough to open. I wonder if that is to slow down the meth heads who manage to get their hands on the pills in bulk.

Old NFO said...

Ah yes... the dreaded plastic wrapped package... sigh

Matt G said...

I hate the blister pack with paper glued to the backside, causing the pill to be destroyed in the process of removing it.

HerrBGone said...

Hi there! HerrBGone here. I’m an occasional commenter over at LawDog’s, I think first time commenter her ‘bouts. Now I don’t usually start off with a potentially spamish post most places I go. But I do have a solution to many of your package opening woes:

Behold the Victorinox Midnight MiniChamp! This one even has a flashlight!


In the upper left hand corner of the picture of this little gem you will notice a rather hook-like implement. That, my friends, is a mini gut hook. It has a pointy side that is sharp enough to pierce most of these accursed plastic sarcophagus packages and a sharp edge on the inside of the hook to drag around the base of the blister to slice the blasted thing open with relative ease and reasonable safety both for yourself and for whatever it is you are trying to liberate from its zombie apocalypse resistant (nothing is actually ‘proof’) package.

I got mine courtesy of the TSA. They had liberated it from its rightful owner (stole it) and subsequently sold it off cheap as government surplus (fenced it). Can we file charges against the .gov under RICO? Or would I then get in trouble for receiving stolen property?