Wednesday, August 03, 2011

The sky is a landfill.

Oh I saw two shooting stars last night
I wished on them
but they were only satellites
Is it wrong to wish on space hardware?
I wish I wish I wish you cared.*

Did you know that at Google Earth Blog you can see real-time 3-D images of the roughtly 13,000 satellites we have orbiting the earth?

I rather marvel that more space junk isn't raining down on us. I can't believe we've got all that crap bobbing around out there. It's like it's our storage bin or something. Then again, when someone is in a state of pants-soiling hysterics (yes, I have some in the quality department at work using the euphemism PSH now), it's fun to say "...or there could be a big wad of fiery space junk ready to smoosh us to smithereens at any moment, and then none of it will matter anyway." Of course, one must choose one's moment carefully when taking a whack at the beehive of paranoia that is an unquiet mind bent on freaking out over insignificant shit.

I, of course, only ever freak out over significant shit. ;P

*A New England by Billy Bragg


Jon said...

After seeing the shuttle crash down onto a populated area in East Texas, I'm of the opinion that most of the stuff in space would burn up long before it ever reached the ground. Then again, I could be hit by a frozen astronaut turd before the day is over.

Old NFO said...

"Eventually" it will all retrograde and burn up... hopefully...

Roscoe said...

Passing this along since I saw it today and it seems like you are fond of the unusual.

"Tonks" from "Harry Potter" sings.