Monday, August 22, 2011

Last week in Fort Worth, someone came home to find a burglar in their house.

The residents of the home had been away registering their kids for school. They returned to find a man in their house, holding one of their televisions. Two men in the family struggled with the burglar, one placing him in a choke hold until he became unresponsive, and he was taken to hospital where he was soon pronounced dead. The burglar lived on the same block as the home he robbed.

I had a home burglarized once, and it's a terrible feeling. My heart goes out to any family who goes through that, and my hat is off to any person who stops a thief dead in their tracks. The threat of the law and prison time is obviously not much of a deterrent, so I say the end justifies the means. Bryane Jackson will not break into another home.

I'm not just projecting because I've had a home burgled. I'm saying this as a free citizen of the United States of America: if more burglars met with the ultimate penalty for their actions-- having been held account red-handed by those against whom they transgressed-- there would be a ripple effect and those bent on thievery would not so casually go into that licentious practice. I think if a homeowner comes home and finds a stranger in their house, if they use a baseball bat, a screwdriver, a gun or their bare hands, if they stop that criminal on a permanent basis, they have done The Lord's Work™. I take pride in residing in a state where I believe the vast majority of the jury pool agrees with me.

With a vengeance.

So-- by all means, jack-wagons: steal at your own peril. And may you choke on your ill deeds which are an insult to all freedom-loving people.


Newbius said...

Preach it, Sister!

Keads said...


Schnoobie said...

Word to your chokehold!

Old NFO said...


An Ordinary American said...

I've told my wife to shoot for center mass and don't stop shooting 'til the punk quits moving.

As bad as it sounds, it bothers me more when we have to put down a family pet than hearing about some scumbag criminal assuming room temperature.

In fact, hearing about that kinda cheers me up.


Joanna said...

"Next time, use a golf club. Greater force over a small area." -- Fiona Glenanne

Andy said...

Wow! I'm gonna guess that the choke hold crushed the thief's airway.