Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Waste not...

I'm a great admirer of fabricating found metal objects into fences, gates and such. One I've driven by many times and admired was a nearby business (I think it's a business, or a farm, but there is no sign out front) that has an arch at their gate incorporating the cast-iron side supports of a handful of White treadle sewing machines likely from the late nineteenth century.

Now that I have a decent camera to work with again, I can show them to you properly! :)

The photo of the intact machine was lovingly lifted from Sweet Leaf Notebook, and they have more nice photos of one of these machines intact, with lovely woodwork.

As often as I've seen such sewing machines, I've never really taken time to admire the form of the support, which looks very like a lady in a corset with garters. Cute, eh?


Michele at Sweet Leaf said...

I thought that porch behind the treadle looked familiar!
Funny about the corsets. That was my first impression when I saw the line-up of the side supports.

Schnoobie said...

LOVE!!!very cuute!! I'm betting the family or biz 's name might be "white".. mebbe?

Old NFO said...

Nice :-)