Friday, August 12, 2011

Yoga, with puppies.

I've been going fairly regularly to a yoga class on Tues/Thursday, and sporadically to a class on Sunday and/or Saturday. Thursday night, my instructor messaged me that she couldn't make it. About a month ago, or so, I bought a pair of yoga dvds, and last night seemed the proper night to crack into it. I thought I could do this with no problem and got started without considering that I have a pair of crazed furballs knocking about in the house.

At first, I stood in Mountain Pose and the pups, on the sofa, watched with great curiosity. After a progression of poses brought me to the floor in various positions, this seemed to torque puppeh madness up to a startling degree. I went about the routine and made it through without having a pup crash land into my gut while relaxed, but that may be the last time I give them the opportunity. They both leapt over my head at one point and I realized how easily a stray toenail could have snagged one of my nostrils and rearranged my face.

Next time, puppies go into the kitchen while mommy does her yoga. In spite of all that, though, I felt very relaxed afterward. :)

Below is a lovely Jack Russell Terrier named Ruby who demonstrates the Downward Facing Dog pose. Very cute! And it's a wonderful stretch-- dogs are born knowing that, apparently. :)

Have a lovely Friday!


Jess said...

Puppehs love yoga. It's the perfect time to sneak a whiff of the crotch or jump on your face.

When I read your blog this morning, I was crossing my fingers that ya'll had some rain. There was some spotted amongst the radars in Texas.

BGMiller said...

When I was still playing beer league ice hockey I would start stretching before I left the house. There I'd be sprawled out and as soon as I'd turn my head....


Puppeh nose about a millimeter from my eyeball.

Found a squeaky toy or two stuffed in my mask over the years too. That kind of solidified the unhinged goalie image but it made me smile.


Old NFO said...

Heh- Dogs/cats WILL get right in the middle of any exercise routine!

On a Wing and a Whim said...

That brings to mind one of the "hallmarks of felinity" cartoons, with the cat getting in the way for every single ballet pose - including sticking a tickling tail right under a hung-down head's nose.

I dare not practice yoga at Oleg's, or Gremlin would be under, on top of, and twined around me.

FHB said...