Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This Is Love by PJ Harvey

LOVE LOVE LOVE this song. Noticed it in the soundtrack of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, or somesuch. One of the extra features was deleted scenes. They claimed they blew $40,000 on cgi of a sheep for an extra scene, but I know what they actually spent the money on was the prosthetic schlong on the Scooby-doo-alike.

LOVE PJ Harvey. I think she needs to be force-fed a bunch of Krispy Kreme and about 5 beeves' worth of patty melts, but she is made of win, skinny or no.

Anyway, you hear this song over a scene with a van full of fabulous bitches. It fits, too.

Rock it out, Polly Jean.


Roscoe said...

View Askew flicks always have cool soundtracks. IIRC, Kevin Smith spent a big chunk of the J&SBSB budget on the rights to include this performance in the end credits, a huge gift to Morris Day/"Purple Rain" fans.


The last Smith flick, "Cop Out", lured Harold Faltermeyer out of retirement. I'm looking forward to the DVD release just to see if the man who scored so many 80s classics still has his touch.

Buck said...

I shall spirit this clip away immediately (read as: steal), for I do believe it's my new favorite song.

I agree that PJ could use some additional avoirdupois... but she looks good enough to eat right now. Just sayin', of course.