Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I can has decor!

Things are coming together slowly but surely with the house. Seems most days I just take baby steps. I'll sometimes just line a couple shelves[I'm besotted with Life Liner, btw-- best shelf/drawer liner evar]or unpack one measley box, but eventually I'll get there. It feels more like home when you unbox your stuff and sort of arrange things in a pretty way. This is such a cozy little house, and it's getting better all the time. The pups are loving it, although I suspect that the abundance of pecans on the ground are largely responsible for the furry little paunch where Praline's once concave belly used to be. Chuy is blissed out, and I love seeing him so happy.

Shopping for plants on Saturday I felt a kind of bliss thinking of what I wanted to see growing and blooming around the porch, and of again being able to cook with handfuls of herbs collected from a planter out front. I bought a whole passel of herbs for the kitchen, as well as some lovely perennials I've had great success with in past. I expect in the coming days I'll be using my big bathtub to soothe some sore muscles, and it'll be a lovely reward at the end of hard hours of gardening.
More to come...

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Old NFO said...

It's looking good! Small steps end up with big results when it's all said and done! Hang in there!