Friday, April 16, 2010

...april 15 brought a bit of a scare...

...I haven't mentioned before now, but not long ago a confluence of factors dictated I no longer impose on the hospitality of a kind hostess, so I bought a house closer to the city where I work, cutting my commute by 2/3rds and giving me a lot more time at home and less on the road commuting. I'll always be grateful that she gave me a refuge at a time when the rug had been pulled out from under me.

I've only just moved in recently, so that explains the spotty nature of my posting, and I hope all 8 of my regular readers will forgive the erratic nature of this space.

Thursday morning I left the back door open and let the pups run in and out, as the weather was fine. At once, I realized that I had one small brown hound around, but the white was missing. Miss Praline had gone walkabout.

Panic, my dears. I was frightened.

These pups have a keen sense of our pack order and they haven't been wont to wander. I was so worried. I scooped up Chuy, leashed him and brought her leash, then set out to try to find her. I reasoned I'd do tight circles near the house, starting in the direction of any barking dogs I could hear. I stepped out the front and met a neighbor for the first time who asked if I have a little white dog, said she'd been in his back yard but had then run toward mine.

She must have heard me calling. Then she came running from around the back of my fence. Got my girl back.

Oh Happy Day!

I went to work in my dog-catching grubbies, but happy to know my dogs were mine and at home. Someone gasped their shock at seeing me *not* in high heels. Others remarked on the tennis shoes. I knew I looked right crap, but, again, was quite happy to know my pups were safe.

Went to lunch and drove by H&R Block. CRAP!!! Is this April 15?!!! Stopped in on my lunch [had gone there about 7 weeks ago] and let them finish up my tax return. Paid my dosh for their hard labour and left in plenty of time to copy all my documents before clocking back in.

Was a good day, for a tax day. Here's to near misses. A miss is as good as a mile. Happy to to have my dogs safely under my roof in our little pack, where we belong. :)


Vinogirl said...

I have had dog-scares like that before...there is nothing worse. Our old dog would stay at home all day and not wander off (no fence). Our current compliment of canine companions would be off in a flash!!!

Jon said...

"...You might be tempted to believe that Miss Praline is sincere and has deep thoughts and earnestly longs to communicate something profound to you, and you would be wrong...."


Buck said...

I've had similar scares in the past and know full-well what you're on about. I'm glad it all turned out well.

Is that La Maison de Phlegm pictured? With a REAL verandah that looks just perfect and suitable for Happy Hour? Suh-weet, if'n ya don't mind me mixing my vernaculars to say so.

On a Wing and a Whim said...

So glad the puppies are safe!

Here's to near misses indeed!