Friday, April 16, 2010

Aliens among us?

Wednesday night, a giant fireball streaked across the midwestern sky, freaking some folks plumb the heck out. The news articles say it could have been a meteorite. Why don't they say it most likely was a meteorite rather than leaving the door so wide-open for a right nutter to say ...but it could have been an alien spacecraft! ???

Though the deep-seated impetus for the aliens-among-us hysteria may spring from an abiding wish to be strapped to a table and anally probed, I think there's an unspoken desire for some √úbermensch to sweep in and save mankind because we are too generally stupid to make a go of it. People feel inept and overwhelmed, and they think someone else could run their lives better-- that's what's at the heart of a welfare-seeking society, yes?

An alien landscape may be a nice place to visit, but I'm sure you wouldn't want to live there, rarified air and all that... They've likely never heard of Emily Post.


Keads said...

As Kang said back when the Simpsons were funny: "We have reached the limits of what anal probing can teach us!"

Jon said...

I know for a fact we already have aliens. I had to navigate around a family of them the other day in Walmart. They didn't speak English either.

Shannon said...

2nd paragraph - spot on...brilliant.