Thursday, April 08, 2010

Malcolm McLaren died today.

Bafflingly non-sequitir video, but the music always reminds me of nights dancing at On The Air on Lower Greenville, Starck Club and early days of The Video Bar. Of course, Malcolm McLaren managed the Sex Pistols, but Madame Butterfly is what I remember him for. My absolute favorite thing he did was that wonderful re-tooling of the Lakme flower duet that was the theme music for British Airways through the nineties. Sitting in my seat on the plane, putting on the headphones as the crew would be readying for takeoff, that music would be on permanent loop, always so grand, elegant and at once classic and utterly new, and I knew I was going someplace wonderful.

Thanks for the music, Malcolm.

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Buck said...

Bafflingly non-sequitir video...

But very good. Your taste is waaay beyond eclectic (in a very good way), Dear Phlegmmy!