Saturday, April 10, 2010

Businessweek and MSNBC want you to know "why the Obama economics plan is working."

Ossum! So the price of gas won't be skyrocketing, right?



Can one's eyes be sprained from excessive rolling?


Keads said...

If one's eyes have not been sprained by now it is because those eyes are expecting the "plan" to cover the gas and rent. And yes gas will go up as always before Memorial Day. I know the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Just more obscure trivia I guess!

Don't get me started on the student I have this semester that thinks life is great now! We have come full circle. He is there "free" to him and is espousing the wonders of all of the Obamaness. I am working my second job (teaching him) to support him! I may have to give up the second job!

Sorry, mean post. I just scratched off my check to the US Treasury in anticipation of mailing it on the 14th.


drjim said...

meh....the stock market is a poor indicator of reality.
"Wall Street" has very little in common with "Main Street".