Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Have you heard the story about the British 3 year old who disappeared from the hotel room while the family vacationed in Portugal a little over a year ago? Her name was Madeleine, and the case has been extremely high-profile with even her parents being reviewed by Portuguese police as suspects in Maddy's disappearance.

Portuguese authorities have decided to drop the case for lack of conclusive evidence, and now Maddy's parents apparently will sue them for bungling the case.

I'm not saying these people should ever give up on the hope of again seeing their daughter, but there seems a complete lack of culpability on their part as to their own hands in their daughter's disappearance. The mother and father put their two children to bed in a foreign country in a hotel, and went out to dinner with friends at 10:30PM.

I don't mean to be unkind, but those parents are in great part responsible for the disappearance of their child, and I wonder how one could take enough leave of their senses that they could blithely go out to dinner leaving two small children alone at night with no adults to check on them? I understand the need to assign blame for their grief to someone else, but I think basic decency should stay their hand when it comes to the thought of suing the authorities who have spent a tremendous amount of energy and resources to try and resolve the result of the parents' own negligence.

I'm sad for that little girl, and I'm sad for the parents. They could sue all and sundry, even successfully, over the whole sad affair, but I wonder how they'd put their guilt to sleep at night?


Home on the Range said...

I'm glad they are cleared, but the reason for the suspicion was not only their leaving of the children in a hotel in a foreign country but their documented consumption of about 4 bottles of wine when they were out (at a restaurant that was not within earshot of their quarters) while and their babies were alone AND the father admitting they sometimes gave her cough medicine to keep her quiet and sleepy.

They may have loved those chidlren dearly, but that is NOT responsible parenting.

Leave basically toddlers ALONE. I can't fathom. . for any reason, and certainly not to go out and get drunk with friends.

Asphyxiated Emancipation said...

OMFG. I can not imagine. My daughter is 4, and she is my life. She is seldom more than a few steps from either myself or my wife. I simply can not fathom going out and leaving her home alone in our house, let alone a hotel in another country. As Brigid said, for ANY reason, let alone for a few bottles of wine.

staghounds said...

Yeah right. Some stranger just dashed in, took the child, and vanished.

I suspect the same person who really killed Jon Benet Ramsey, Ron Goldman, and Nicole Simpson.

Kevin said...

Suing them won't bring their daughter back.