Saturday, March 01, 2008
Yes, Holly, I'm still bouncing and giggling.

The Shoetist

Here's what cool girls wore to buy new accessories (of the shooty variety) on Leap Day! WOOHOO! Don't you think the world needs more pink/orange/red shoes?
I do.
I also have these shoes in dove gray/periwinkle/oxblood. They're fabulous. I figured a gun emporium could use a jolt of color. [These and my other pair were limited edition runs of the Mini Gorgeous from John Fluevog, funky shoe Maestro. This is another pair of 3" heels I can stand and walk comfortably in all day long. I highly recommend, if you don't mind a shoe that's a little on the clunky side. I really should pick them up in black myself, while they're still available. I keep waiting for him to do a new run of phosphorescent shoes...]

Doglet (who is feeling MUCH better!) doesn't mind my occasional indulgence. She's curious, but not jealous of the new accessory. And no, none of the 4 rules are being broken here - doggie is on a different plane from accessory. Accessory is aimed at a red-tipped photinia, which I loathe. plus it's not loaded. [now I have to get those silver shoes.]

[sorry 'bout the crap photos - had to take them on me cell]

I talked to jpg yesterday about what I was looking for, and he recommended Mike's Gun Room in Richardson, which rabbit also mentioned about a week or so ago. Yays! I walked in today and Mike said "jpg told me to watch for a pretty brunette," and I instantly knew that whatever he was selling, I was totally buying. Lie to me, baby!

Mike was a lovely gentleman and we talked about what I needed in a carry gun. Before coming by I'd already talked Hols and jpg, and of course my Dad. Holly cooed and purred (golly, she needs to give feminine wiles seminars, that one does!) that Colt's is really the only way to go, and I felt myself getting very sleepy, verrry sleeepy. I was checking out a small, lightweight Kahr 9mm, but finally settled on a diminutive S&W .38 Special. It's really neat, but a little birdie told me it'll have new grips sometime soon.

Mike told me if I have any problems to bring it back in, but please don't spill a milkshake on it. I told him mint chocolate chip or black walnut would be particularly evil, but vowed never to have a mishap of that variety. Actually, I'm more worried about rogue wodges of hooker-red lipstick slipping invitingly into moving parts and recessed spaces. Okay. Not really. My bag is not that messy, but little fortune cookie papers may be a problem.

Anyway, so far I'm quite pleased with my choice and will give a full report once I've put it through its paces. I'm constantly reminding myself to only ever pick it up the proper way(make it a habit!), because it would be hard to properly manicure a hamburgery thumb. Priorities, you know.


I'd like to say thank you again to all the lovely folks who commented on my leap day post. Although I've thought back to that day many times since, I've not really walked my mind through the whole scene like I did when I was writing it yesterday, and it was rather therapeutic, in a way. Anyway, I'm flattered and honoured it struck a chord with so many of you.

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