Saturday, January 10, 2009

Chuy and I had a splendid day Friday running errands and we even had a big shopping blowout on toys and treats ($45!) at Petsmart. [oh, and one very good pair of nail clippers] He was quiet and I could tell he still missed his Sissy all day, but he managed to have a good time and seemed happy to be along for the ride.
At the end of the last errand, we went to Keller's drive-in on Northwest Highway for a burger and tater tots. All these years, and I've never been there before. One side of the cook shack was dominated by dozens of bikers. A carhop comes by and takes your order and then puts a tray on your window just like back in the day, and your food arrives with lightning speed. They also serve beer. I don't know how they get around the open container in a vehicle thing, but it's neat, if you're a person who's not impaired after one or two, I expect. Or if you happen to be the designated drinker in the car.
I sat there and thought how neat the place was with its Jetson neon and suddenly, the juke box cranked to life. Almost warm & sultry night, eating a burger while my dog sits in the shotgun seat. Kenny Rogers' The Gambler came on, and I never liked that song so much. I sort of thought all those years of being tired of that song are kind of worth it for this moment when that song really fits a time, place and mood. It was kind of sweet. Then the song ended and no other played. That was Kenny's moment, apparently. Fair enough.

This place is marvelous. Good, basic burgers. I munched happily on my burger with a paint-peeling onion snugly ensconced, most of which I ate. Mr. Chu-man-fu sat patiently and watched. His good behaviour was rewarded with little nibbles of my poppy-seed burger bun and little cheesy bits of beef.
I like the mom/boypup day. Praline is such a live wire that he doesn't get these contemplative days, generally. I know he was content, but he would have preferred the rough-housing.
Oh well- in 7.5 hours we'll be picking up my little barbwire pineapple from the vet's office. I'm going to video their happy reunion and will try to post it. I know it will be a lurve fest.
Have a great weekend!


Christina RN LMT said...

Sounds like a perfect boypup day!

Have a great weekend, Phlegm. I can't wait to see the grand reunion video.

Thud said...

Sometimes it does not take much to make a good day...this was one of those days it seems.

HollyB said...

next time try the onion rings at Keller's. IIRC they're super good.

Miz Minka said...

Simple pleasures are the best. Good burger, good four-legged company, good music (well, or at least good for the moment -- that song never did much for me either): yeah, baby.

Can't wait to hear about the reunion! Here's wishing the three of you a fabulous weekend.

Old NFO said...

Sigh... I miss places like Kellers. They are getting fewer and fewer anymore. At least Mel's is still open in SFO!