Thursday, January 22, 2009


You really must check out the site of Christopher Conte.

He worked in prosthetics creating artificial limbs for people (which he still does) and began creating steampunk delights in miniature like a microbotic housefly and the Steam Insect on the frontspiece of his main page as a hobby. Conte's unmanned attack helicopter is a little marvel. Stunning, meticulous craftsmanship. When I read his bio, I expected to see he'd been trained in jewelry design or watchmaking. Check out all the photos - lots of treasures to be found there.

Those of us who use sewing machines will recognize the presser-foot maw of the Singer Insect pictured below. For elegance and sheer menace, the Black Widow and the Blue Widow are more sleek and streamlined, but I'm particularly fond of this wee beastie cobbled together from bits and bobbins of sewing machine parts.
Great stuff!

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FHB said...

Wow. Those are cool as hell.